Surrender & Transport

Leech Lake Legacy is unique in that we do not have an adoption program. All animals that come into our Surrender & Transport Program are placed with partner shelters and rescues, where they receive necessary medical care (including spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations) and are made available for adoption by those partner shelters and rescues.

Our Program Director is in constant communication with our partner shelters and rescues to secure placement for each animal that will be on the next transport. No animal is transported without placement. Because we recognize the importance of working together for the benefit of all, our transports are coordinated with individuals and animal welfare organizations in surrounding communities.

In addition to our weekly transports, we also take in surrendered animals by appointment at our spay/neuter and wellness clinics and surrender events in Cass Lake. Please fill out the request form if you have an animal you wish to surrender. We will assess if we are able to help and will reach out to you with a plan to surrender.