Spay & Neuter Clinics

Our affordable and accessible spay/neuter program helps the animals of Leech Lake Reservation by reducing pet overpopulation from unwanted litters.  The benefits of spay/neuter also include a reduction in undesirable behaviors like roaming, marking, and aggression, and the reduction of instances of certain types of cancers in pets.  Spay/neuter surgery is sometimes called sterilization, altering, or de-sexing, and it involves the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus of females (spay), and testicles of males (neuter).  In addition to spay/neuter surgery, pets receive a physical exam, core vaccinations (if needed), a nail trim, and deworming (if needed).  If found, we treat for live fleas and tapeworms.

The cost to Leech Lake Legacy is more than $100 per animal, depending on species, size, and gender.  We ask each pet owner to contribute $30 per pet (more is gladly accepted), with the rest of the cost subsidized by donations and grants to Leech Lake Legacy.  No one is turned away for inability to pay.

Because demand for spay/neuter surgeries far outweighs our ability to provide clinics and appointments, and our veterinarians limit the number of animals and species/sex for each surgery day, residents of Leech Lake Reservation must request a surgery appointment.  Your request must be made via our website request form.  We cannot accommodate walk-in surgery requests.  Your request involves the exchange of information with a representative of Leech Lake Legacy about the pet and pet owner.  Making a request gets you on our waiting list, but it is not an actual appointment.  A representative of Leech Lake Legacy will contact you directly by phone to confirm the details of your request and verify your appointment date and time.   Pet owners must check in on time on their surgery appointment date.  Late arrivals may lose their appointments, and no-shows will be dropped from our waiting list.  

Important things for pet owners to remember to prepare for surgery and to recover from surgery:

  • Do not feed your pet the morning of surgery, with the exception of puppies and kittens under 5 months of age, who may have a small meal (one-third of their normal meal) the morning of surgery.
  • DO give your pet access to fresh water at all times.
  • Bring cats and kittens to our clinics in a carrier.
  • Outdoor pets must be given a safe, clean, and warm indoor place to sleep for at least the first few nights after surgery.
  • Keep your pet warm, clean, and dry (no swimming, baths, etc.) for 10-14 days after surgery.
  • Keep your pet from running, jumping, playing, or strenuous activity for 10-14 days after surgery.
  • Monitor the incision site for signs of infection.
  • If your pet is sent home with medications, DO be sure your pet receives all doses on time.

Our spay/neuter clinics are available to the companion animals of Leech Lake Reservation.