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Download our annual calendar as a printable PDF.  We set our calendar annually in December and update it occasionally.  See our Upcoming Events to the left for more detailed information. We also post news about our Events on our Facebook page.

Clinic/Services Request Form

Please use this request form to send us a request for service. Complete one registration form for each pet (you can combine puppies/kittens from the same litter on the same request form if you wish).  Completion of this form only records your request; it does not register you for any clinic or services.  Someone from Leech Lake Legacy will respond to you by phone or email to confirm spay/neuter & wellness appointments, etc. Our waitlist is currently quite long, it will take several months to get a call for an appointment.

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Latest Statistics

Surrendered Animals October 2022 Ytd 2021 Total Total All Years
Animals Surrendered to LLL 1,074 1,414 10,644
Transports for LLL & Surrounding Area 2,182 2,496 17,634
Transports for Other Organizations 34 64 1,715
Total Transports 2,216 2,560 19,349
Medical Care Provided      
Spay/Neuter Surgeries 304 310 3,725
Speciality Surgeries 4   112
Sterling Fund Patients 13 26 285
Wellness Exams / Vaccinations 543 782 7,202
Supplies Distributed      
Dog Houses & Cat Shelters   1 782
Seresto Collars 50 50 1,355
# of Events Hosted      
# of Spay/Neuter Clinics 6 9 60
# of Wellness Clinics 6 9 71
# Surrender (Only) Events 2 3 45
# of Services Provided      
Surrender/Transport 2,216 2,560 19,349
Medical Care 864 1,118 11,324
Dog Houses, Cat Shelters & Seresto Collars 50 51 2,137
Total Services Provided 3,130 3,729 32,810

Together, we can do amazing things.

Together, we can save lives.

Together, we can make a difference.