Arlys Peterson - Director:

Arlys grew up on a farm in SE Minnesota and always had dogs, cats and other farm animals in her life.  After moving to the Twin Cities, Arlys volunteered at Animal Humane Society (AHS) in dog adoption, canine adoption preparation, and Kindest Cut.  She also volunteered at the U of M Small Animal Hospital, walking the oncology dogs that were there for their weekly treatments.

Arlys became aware of Leech Lake Legacy after seeing a post on the AHS Facebook page.   She volunteered at her first clinic in the spring of 2014 and it was such a rewarding experience to see what LLL was doing to help the animals and residents of the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.  You’ll find Arlys meeting just about every transport these days, helping unload animals and supplies and gathering up soiled crates and laundry—it’s her most favorite thing to do :)   Many animals are nervous and unsure of what is happening to them and Arlys is there to help them feel less afraid.

 Arlys and her husband, Dan, have always had dogs and currently Tess, a Lab, and Andee, a Brittany share their home.