Aaron Sawdey - Secretary:

Aaron first got involved in the animal rescue world when his wife
Merry brought home a small puppy from Pet Haven. Shortly thereafter,
they became dog fosters and have since fostered over 30 dogs. He first
volunteered at a Leech Lake Legacy event (a Puppy Roundup) in July
2014. Aaron has been volunteering at LLL events ever since, wrangling
dogs, trimming nails, pulling quills, fixing broken equipment, and
taking lots of photos.

By day Aaron is a Ph.D. Electrical Engineer working for IBM, making
sure that the GCC open-source compiler generates fast and correct code
for IBM's newest server processors. By night he tinkers with
electronics including projects for LLL like the All-weather Automatic
Dog Waterer (also cat compatible), the Vaccine Fridge Temperature
Monitor, and (coming soon) the Image Recognition Livetrap for clever
cats and kittens.

Aaron lives in Cannon Falls with his wife Merry, his son Ian, resident
dogs Rex and Geordie, and a steady succession of foster dogs.