Danielle Mattessich (Dani) - Director:

Dani was first rescued by Oscar the Cat in 1984, after Oscar showed up at the back door of her home and knew she needed love and a warm lap.   Word spread fast throughout the cat community, so Dani happily spent her childhood and young adult life surrounded by many wonderful feline rescues.

Dani adopted her first dog, Moose (a troubled German Shepherd), from Lucky Dogs Rescue in 2007.  Love, training (and treats) turned Moose into a gentle giant in his later years, and this extraordinary change sparked an even deeper desire for her to continue helping animals.  Dani has been supporting the Animal Humane Society for many years, has participated in the Great Chihuahua Airlift program, and continues to volunteer at the Wildcat Sanctuary.  In 2015, she was lucky enough to be invited to a LLL clinic by her friend Sally, and it proved to be a life changing experience for her in many ways.  It was at that clinic where Dani spotted her newest love, Tank (a Mastiff/Rottweiler mix), from across the gymnasium…their eyes locked, Tank grunted, and Dani was smitten.  With personal knowledge of the remarkable ways that LLL helps animals and the people who love them, both Dani and Tank remain committed to supporting LLL and its truly amazing mission that facilitates the bond between people and their beloved, furry companions.

When Dani is not walking her dogs or dispensing treats, she is working as an attorney specializing in Trademark Law at Merchant & Gould P.C.  Dani and her husband, Chris, live in Minneapolis with their 2 boys, Tank and Boogie (a Rottweiler).